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Rural Retreat,
Western Massachusetts

The homeowners of this rural home in Western Massachusetts were searching for a contractor that could tackle a large project. The patio and surrounding area of their site was to become the focal point of the property. The project was centered around a sentimental sculpture which was a gift from a close friend of the homeowners. The design included a multi-level patio, fire pit, frog pond and retaining wall system. This was a challenge to integrate into one cohesive space.

One beautiful feature and design challenge was to incorporate the natural limestone ledge that flowed through the landscape and both tiers of the patio. Connected by a large staircase the “informal” lower patio made out of Goshen stone transitions into the upper patio built with concrete pavers.  This same retaining wall that follows the curve of the staircase has an arched niche built into it that is housing the 30” statue. We purposefully oriented the statue towards the winter solstice sunrise. The duration of this project was eight weeks.

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