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Island Living,
Lake Winnipesaukee, 
New Hampshire

The homeowners of this island lakehouse on Lake Winnipesaukee wanted a functional exterior space to compliment their comfortable interior. The design for this project had form and function in mind and included a stone staircase out of the water, a walkway from the dock to the house, a fire pit  and a small patio for entertaining. We used granite to compliment the local stone. Assorted plantings and garden beds wind their way on either side of the walkway to the front porch. In the back yard, we created an intimate patio area by the guest cabin with built-in seating.  The ground of this island was rough and unforgiving but provided an excellent well-drained base for the patio. We created pockets to plant perennials and add color to the patio area. The stone work and gardens wrap around the property and include boulders and local stone found onsite. The result is a complete exterior space that feels like it has always been thereThe duration of this project was two weeks.


"Each day the family reminds me how great it was that we did this project.  I look out in the morning and the children are out playing on the patio and the rocks as Grandpa shovels more loam onto the pachysandra.  His son stood on the patio grilling last night as others sat on the bench, enjoying a glass of wine.  As for me, walking up the path in the front each time we disembark from the boat and I enjoy the look of our lovely flower beds...magic!"

Mary and Ed Hackman

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