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Berkshire Retreat

Ed and Laurens project was set in a quintisential Berkshire setting. We used granite and bluestone to give this property an elegant country feel. This project was a full landscape and hardscape design with extensive thin-stone veneer on the home in matching granite. We were able to use beautiful quartz and granite boulders from the property to enhance the landscape and give the property a natural cohesive look.

"Bjorn and George,

Thanks so much for your note and thanks so much for the beautiful landscaping. What a joy it was this weekend to go to the house this weekend and see what you have both created with the stonework and the landscaping. The japanese maple tree and the garden that you created by the hot tub is incredible, as were the lilacs - - in full bloom. They attracted so many monarch butterflies this weekend. So incredibly magnificient. Thank you!"

Loren and Ed 2019

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